Laura S. jones

Author. Journalist. Storyteller.


In A Nutshell

It's all about words - picking the right ones and then using as few as possible in the right order.  

I try to remember the following advice: "Don't ever be too attached to anything you've written; you are the vehicle for the word, not its creator." Barbara Gowdy, author of The White Bone.


Coming Soon

In Fouled Out, a mystery about the corrupt intersection of drugs, greed and college sports, nothing is black and white. Not right and wrong, not guilt and innocence, and not even winning and losing.

Profits to pit bull rescue

Sadie and Sasha’s transformation from abandoned, near-feral dogs into beloved pets was never easy (although it was often funny), and the outcome was never certain. 

Short Stories

These 13 stories explore what happens when the barriers or bonds between people are broken, whether by a chance enounter, a long forgotten choice, or a simple mistake.


Articles, Essays and a Blog

My articles and essays have appeared in The Washington Post, Virginia / Maryland Dog Magazine, SWIMMER (where I was the staff writer for several years), and The Daily Progress (where I had a column called Fitness Frontiers). My specialties include profiles of people doing interesting things, the law, health and science news, dogs, and swimming. I also sporadically maintain a blog called Fins and Paddles.  I am happy to email samples.

Tidal Press

Tidal Press is a micro press that I founded in 2014. Like the tides on which the name is based, these books will pull you into their worlds or push you away from shore, depending on your point of view.  Either way, you might end up in deep water. So long as you can swim, you'll be fine. I am passionate about books that explore the life of the underdog, the outsider, the seeker, the unsettled. In this sense, the books by diverse authors are united loosely by theme, not genre.